Make me different


One day my son asked me if there were blue dinosaurs. After that day I thought I could make the animals different colours. The idea of producing different...

I was black

Can anyone prove whether there were black dinosaurs in black color?

I believe that black dinosaurs existed and that they were not dangerous at all.

I even thought they lived in...

My Oueen

Everyone says the king of the jungle is the lion but African people believe that the king of the jungle is leopards.

They are smarter and stronger than the lions. This one is my queen...

Colorful Lion

Lions are dangerous animals, but this colorful lion does not look very dangerous, does it? Sometimes we have to change the color of what we live. If you can change the colors of bad moments or...

A Bear who has a Fancy Style

Bears have two layers of fur. A short layer of fur keeps the bear warm and a long layer keeps water away from the skin and short fur.

My bear has an another layer which makes her fancy...

Black Rhino

Do you know the facts about black rhinos? Black rhinos covers themselves from the sun by lying in the shade during the day and they feed on the nights.

Both female and male has horns....

My First Love

The art work I made using only paint does not  satisfies me most of the time. I always think that the image is complete if I add an object from the outside. When I decided to make a painting...

Dig in with me

Why do all boys love construction cars? My son got almost all the toys related construction until the age of 7.

My summer vacations have gone through sand digging. I want to make more...

Drive with me

I can't remember how many games I set up with toy cars. If a year is 365 days then it should be at least more than 365 times. :)) This piece of work is the simplest example one.

Swim With Me

My shark is not scary at all. What do you think? Is it because of its hidden face or  the color of the work?

This piece of work makes me dream of grabbing a shark's tail and let it pull...

Pirate Ship

Most pirates didn't actually use a Jolly Roger as their flag. Instead, they just used black flags. I think Jolly Joger is more fun, isn't it?

Bzz... Bzz...

While painting the clouds, I was planning to add some words on it. But, at the final point I've decided to leave them empty so that your child can add his own words on it. You can ask your...

I am Your Friend

My son wanted me to draw jellybone as a firend to him.  

Blue Ship

Do you like watching the ships passing by the sea? I do not know anybody who does not like this scene.

My Puppy Friend

You may have many friends but your dog has only one.

Music Girl

Close your eyes and let the music takes you away. 

Twist in my sobriety

I love the song from Tanita Tikaram - Twist in my sobriety''

''I don't care about their different thoughts

Different thoughts are good for me

Up in arms and chaste...

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