My White Walker

I mostly do artistic works about women. This time, my purpose was to create something about a man. But somehow, I came up with this little creature which looks like a 'white walker' from the...

Ceramic Face

I never had the courage to make rasta hair. If I can not have that, I can create one. 

Hold My Skirt

Actually, I was on my way to make the whole body. But I guess the lady did not want to have a personality.

Blue Girl

I was constantly listening to the same song:

 'Calvin Harris - Blue' 

''I've got to stop waiting for you,

and move onto someone new.

But everything around...

Mr. Blue

I don't like shirts in men

 but I always love blue ones. 

Twist in my sobriety

I love the song from Tanita Tikaram - Twist in my sobriety''

''I don't care about their different thoughts

Different thoughts are good for me

Up in arms and chaste...

Scary face

That day, I had read a quote in  instagram post. 

'Sometimes we have to stop being scared and just go for it. 

Either it will work or it won't. 

That is life.' 

I was black

Can anyone prove whether there were black dinosaurs in black color?

I believe that black dinosaurs existed and that they were not dangerous at all.

I even thought they lived in...

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