As Snob Creation, when we thought about what we would write for you, we decided that our first writing would be about us. In fact, on our website, you can get a brief overview of how we started Snob Creation and the design process of our designs. But here we want to communicate with you more sincerely and warmer.

Why 'Snob'? That's the question everyone asks us first. In definition, “Snob” is a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people.

Although our lives and lifestyles vary based on our cultures, the point that all human beings have in common is the desire to create a living space for each. While living spaces are being created, each individual makes choices in the direction of their own pleasures and likes. Every individual is unique and everyone's life is about herself. When choosing our living spaces and picking objects for these spaces, our priority is to emphasise sometimes our past, sometimes our dreams, sometimes what we lose, or sometimes what we want to rebuild.

At this point, the word 'snob' is exactly that. Because when we do these elections, we know and desire what are the most beautiful, the best quality, the most unique and the best looking. When we decorate our homes, we look for uniqueness and harmonious. And we create this unique and harmonious environment with the complementary accessories based on their colors, materials and shapes. There is only one thing that stands behind every decisions that we make; 'Ourselves'. Every choice we make is about who we are. In fact, do not we be a little ‘Snob’ by presenting our taste to others. Therefore, as ‘Snob Creation’ we say:

Your life is all about you, so be a SNOB about it.

Please, always keep in mind that 'Snob Creation' designs are unique, and distinctive. Our limited-edition designs encapsulate the spirit, energy, and excitement of the moment of their creation. There is a real story behind every product we design, which helps us craft it as a distinct object. These stories also make up the characters and names of the design objects.

We created 'Snob Creation' designs by adding our own life experiences, our own pleasures and our likes. Now it's your turn. To yourself and your loved ones ...

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